mechanics of conveyor belts

The mechanics of belt friction revisited Abstract A new insight into the mechanics of belt friction is given. A conceptual and methodological drawback in the presentation of the classical derivation of the force required to pull the belt over a fixed drum against the hold-force and the friction between the belt and a . Friction/Kinematics Question. Conveyor Belt. | Physics Forums Oct 04, 2008· I think that it too points in the positive x-direction, and heres my logic: it is not moving faster than the conveyor belt, so its motion would appear opposite the conveyor belt until it too moves at 1.8 m/s. Also, there would be a free body diagram for when . Conveyor trajectory prediction methods - a review conveyor cases; - slow-speed belt where material wraps around pulley before discharge (horizontal, inclined and declined belts), - fast-speed belt where material discharges at the tangent point of belt to pulley (horizontal, inclined and declined belts), and - inclined belts where material discharges at the vertical point of contact.    Read More

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