gcse bitesize plants and minerals

Transport & Water Relations - Revision World - Free GCSE ... Xylem and Phloem Vessels. Xylem are vein like tissues that transport water and minerals up a plant. Phloem are vein like structures through which food is transported around a plant. Cell Turgor. Green plants rely on cell turgor which is the stiffness given to cell walls to hold themselves up. Cell walls become turgid with water. In woody plants, they do not need cell turgor, but instead rely ... GCSE Xylem and Phloem | Revise Plant Fluid Transportation Water is absorbed from the soil by the root hair cells (which also obtain essential mineral ions) by active transport.The solution passes into the xylem of the plant and is carried to the leaves where the plant cells use the nutrients to make sugars and amino acids. 20 Photosynthesis | Photosynthesis | Stoma BBC - GCSE Bitesize - Photosynthesis. Science Photosynthesis Leaves enable photosynthesis to occur. Photosynthesis is the process by which leaves absorb light and carbon dioxide to produce carbohydrate (food) for plants to grow.    Read More

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