ment clay iron ore lime stone storage area

Buckeye Furnace - OLD INDUSTRY The limestone and the rocks containing the iron oxide (ore) and melted in the stack and become part of the slag. However, the iron oxide, Fe2O3, is changed back to pure iron, Fe, by a chemical reaction called reduction that takes place in the stack as the burden descends. Stewart County - Iron Furnace Trail Bellwood Furnace, located in Stewart County, obtained its ore from two high ridges lying between Cross and Cub Creeks. This high-grade raw material consisted of almost 60% of metallic iron. In addition, large quantities of timber, limestone, clay, and water were close by. WPS - Port of Ashtabula port commerce The majority of the cargo handled in the Port of Ashtabula is made up of coal, iron ore, sand and gravel, stone, and limestone. Located within one kilometer (one-half mile) of the deep-water Pinney Docks, the Ashtabula City Industrial Park was completed in 2007.    Read More

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