quartz being used for building stones glass making and sandblasting

Dimension stone - Wikipedia There are a number of smaller applications for buildings and traffic-related uses. Building components include stone used as veneer (exterior), ashlar, or other shapes.Veneer is a non load-bearing facing of stone attached to a backing of an ornamental nature, although it also protects and insulates. Looking into glass | New Zealand Geographic Looking into glass From the pure white silica sands of Parengarenga Harbour to the bottles, jars and windows we come into contact with each day, the making of glass is both a science and an art. Louise Callan takes a look at this unique and timeless substance. hard science - Can Crystals be used to store data ... So, while quartz will not likely be used for data storage because it doesn't display a high photorefractive effect, crystals of a different type will be used to achieve read-write data storage. Crystals that do display high photorefractive effects :    Read More

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